Fair Clean-up

  Sign-up . In order to be eligible for discounted Enrichment Days and Field Trips each ACCHS family must work two mornings during the fair and on Monday the 28th after the fair has closed. Even though everyone is asked to work Monday, please sign-up for it anyway. 

When signing up for your family, please enter the number of people who will be cleaning that morning by using the plus or minus buttons that appear after you hit the sign-up.
ACC Homeschoolers offers Enrichment Days to help enrich the homeschooling experience. We meet one day a week during the Fall and Spring semesters at the Allen East Community Center, 9520 Harrod Rd, Harrod, OH 45850.

We have classes for all ages including choir, art, physical education as well as secondary level classes to fulfill high school credit hours. To view the current Eday schedule, become an active member of ACC Homeschoolers and you will receive an email with information on registering for the Fall or Spring classes.
All of the ACC Homeschoolers Events, Field Trips, and Enrichment Days activities can be found on the ACCHS Calendar.
Families that wish to participate in Field Trips organized by  ACCHS must be current members       of ACC Homeschoolers.

As details are finalized for each field trip, details will be posted for that